Bulletin is opening its third New York store, continuing its quest to champion women in business.

What happened

  • Bulletin, which began as an online magazine in 2014 featuring digitally-native women-led brands, will open its third flagship store in the historic Ladies’ Mile District in New York City this June.
  • The “feminist brand collective” is known for working with more than 150 brands online and offline, the vast majority of which are small businesses run by women. It also utilizes a new type of retail model—brands rent retail shelf space for a small price and in turn receive a higher commission on their product sales, as well as store insights.

Why it matters

  • Offering more than 60 female-led brands, the new Bulletin location not only answers rising demand for female representation across all industries, but also provides a platform for smaller merchants and startups to sell their products without the burden of a traditional lease or the restraints of the wholesale model. This way, the entire company is built on inclusivity, making it impossible to divorce the retail experience from the brand mission—a mission and value system that is felt in each aspect of the business and trickles down to each customer. At a party celebrating Bulletin’s second store, attendees filled out postcards to voice their support for reproductive rights while shopping.
  • Bulletin offers consumers an accessible, merchandisable version of what The Wing does in an all-female coworking space (architect Alda Ly has worked with both companies). Both brands champion female empowerment and independence, but Bulletin is open to anyone and everyone, unlike The Wing’s membership model which restricts participation—plus, visitors who walk away from Bulletin with a purchase are most likely supporting a small female business. Still, both companies work to build company-wide and consumer-facing female networks.