Nike’s training pop-up gives customers the tools to “Just Do It.”

What happened

  • Nike Plus members and those with the Nike Training Club app can now visit a training pop-up in Los Angeles until mid-August and workout with professional athletes. Celebrating 30 years of the “Just Do It” campaign, visitors to the pop-up can also enjoy workout meals both before and after fitness and shop Nike products in house.

Why it matters

  • In its quest to preserve its top position in the sports apparel industry, Nike has recently launched a number of initiatives, from Unlaced—a sneakerhead haven for women—to athletic wear for minorities. The training pop-up is a perfect marriage of Nike the company and Nike the brand, as it provides a space for its most loyal customers to do what they love.
  • Not only is the pop-up experience-based, but training alongside professional athletes gives Nike Plus members exclusive access to their idols, which will likely cultivate a emotional connection between customers and the Nike brand. While Nike launched its NBA Connected line in September 2017 that allows shoppers to scan a code on their jerseys to access exclusive content from their favorite basketball players and teams, the training pop-up is much more hands-on, and turns a passive fan into an active member of Nike’s world. Plus, Nike plans to debut a new podcast and launch an app, Nike Training Club Pro, for fitness professionals, which will connect them with industry experts for advice and give discounts on select Nike products.
  • Even as Nike continues to heavily invests in digital sales, the pop-up and Nike Soho—which combines a brick-and-mortar store with virtual reality, basketball courts, soccer turfs and product customization—illustrates that the company still sees offline as a big business driver.