Disney brings Star Wars to Hollywood Studios and Muji opens more hotels, inviting visitors to live in their brands.

What happened

  • A little over a month after debuting Toy Story Land at Hollywood Studios Park, Disney is bringing Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to its parks in Florida and California. Meanwhile, the Japanese retailer Muji known for its household products, furniture and toiletries is expanding its hotel brand from Shenzhen to Beijing and Tokyo.

Why it matters

  • Though Disney’s foray into theme parks and resorts began a decade before Muji even existed, both are in the business of immersive branded experiences. Disney’s vast cast of characters and landscapes translates directly into themed attractions, and its updates to Hollywood Studios are letting visitors inhabit the same worlds it puts up on the silver screen. As far as Muji goes, it’s not the first brand to make a foray into hospitality, but the hotels allow guests to enter a world that showcases more than 700 of the brand’s products.
  • In bringing animation and movies to theme parks and a household brand to hotels, Disney and Muji are both thinking through the transferability of their products and services to other industries. In turn, this can enhance consumer attachment to the brand itself. Delving into the brand’s world allows customers to experience the brand as fully as possible, meaning they’re more likely to walk away with memories and emotional attachment to the brand—a far cry from the transactionality of making a purchase online.