Lady Gaga adds Haus Beauty to the celebrity beauty boom.

What happened

  • Lady Gaga’s Haus Beauty has raised money from Lightspeed Venture Partners, the same investment firm that backed Jessica Alba’s Honest Company, Stitch Fix and Snap, Inc. The musician’s foray into beauty follows Rihanna’s wildly successful Fenty Beauty, which launched in September 2017, as well as Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics and Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty.

Why it matters

  • It’s unclear to what extent the pop singer will be involved in the beauty brand, but this will dictate the path forward. Already, the artist has 28.9 million followers on Instagram and 76.5 on Twitter, which raises the profile of the brand, especially since she is known for her extravagant makeup and dress. With the ever-rising number of new beauty brands, especially among celebrity founders, honing what differentiates Lady Gaga from other artists will be of the utmost importance to drive the brand—as well as how well her products reflect her personality.
  • These celebrities can’t do it all alone, either. Their businesses need manufacturers and distributors and the pliability and size of these operations help determine their overall reach—a topic we explore more in depth in this week’s Filter. Fenty Beauty, for example, skyrocketed not only thanks to Rihanna, but to Kendo, Sephora’s in-house brand incubator. The way Gaga decides to sell items from Haus Beauty—whether wholesale or direct-to-consumer—will also set tracks for how the brand develops.