Bobbi Brown’s mass-market line enters Walmart as wellness pervades the mainstream.

WHAT HAPPENED: Beauty legend Bobbi Brown’s accessible supplement line, Evolution_18, is making its foray into 1,500+ U.S. Walmart stores, as well as the retailer’s site.

Why it matters

  • As the wellness economy continues to grow, many products remain off-limits for the majority of shoppers because of high price point, from Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop to Peloton. But Bobbi Brown, who departed from her eponymous beauty brand in 2016, has a solution. In April 2018, Brown launched the wellness brand Evolution_18 on QVC, selling at Lord & Taylor’s Manhattan flagship until it shuttered in January 2019. Now at Walmart, Evolution_18 will give mass-market shoppers a new entry point into the collagen and superfood industry.
  • Evolution_18 isn’t just a boon for shoppers who have missed out on wellness trends because of their aspirational cost. The company expects to reel in $11 million by the end of its first year, which speaks to the benefits of creating an accessible brand. A brand that launches on QVC and sells at Walmart naturally gets in front of different eyes than the countless direct-to-consumer cosmetics brands, or the prestige brands that wholesale at Sephora and high-end department stores. Plus, despite its lower-priced SKUs, Evolution_18 is endowed with credibility thanks to Brown’s name. Its entrance into an everyday retailer points to the growth of wellness into a mainstream category, which more shoppers want access to, regardless of socioeconomic status.