Staples launches Staples Worklife newsletter and podcast, but will it be enough to divert them from Amazon for their office needs?

WHAT HAPPENED: As Staples aims to become a “Worklife Fulfillment Company,” a strategy it introduced earlier this year, the retailer launched a quarterly digital and print magazine to help professionals find job fulfillment and reach career goals while highlighting products that could help them get there.


  • Rebranding is a crucial step for Staples to maintain its relevance, but targeting the right customer and the timing of doing so is crucial. While a newsletter and corresponding podcast coincide with how Millenials and Gen Z individuals consume information, the chain still operates 305 stores across the U.S., most of which are located in the suburbs, rather than in cities.
  • Instead of focusing on marketing its existing assets—which is like putting lipstick on a pig—this time and money would be better used closing underperforming stores, opening new ones and tightening up the product assortment, especially if the retailer wants to go after younger customers and make the case to shop with Staples over Amazon.
  • With the rise of urban co-working spaces and the culture of working from home evolves, Staples has an opportunity to craft products and services that enables this trend. This means playing a role in the future of work versus simply focusing on the way work used to be done.