Outdoor Voices launches an editorial platform as a resource for its community that aims to simultaneously enhance its advertising funnel.

WHAT HAPPENED: Outdoor Voices launched “The Recreationalist” as both a digital media site and a quarterly zine, which will feature a range of healthy and active lifestyle-based content. The online platform will be promoted organically across social media channels and YouTube.


  • OV has relied on influencers and local events to grow. Now seven years old, with a vastly different customer acquisition landscape than even a few years ago, it makes sense for OV to introduce an editorial platform to better reach and retain its growing customer base.
  • While maintaining the editorial platform may require higher upfront costs (it already has a staff of five with plans to double to ten), investing in editorial could be a cheaper and potentially more effective advertising and retention tool than paid social advertising, especially for those in between purchases. With 20 to 30 stories published monthly, backed by corresponding social media posts, the digital editorial content can market the brand in an authentic way—reinforcing the strong sense of community OV was founded on.
  • This move aligns OV with a growing list of media companies and product brands that are playing musical chairs. Companies like Goop, Glossier and Highsnobiety have all seen success by transforming loyal audiences into shoppers eager for branded product. The Recreationalist gives OV full control over its brand messaging and allows for more impactful, lower-cost and vertically integrated marketing content that can help sustain its brand and business over the long term.