4Cosmopolitan launched a fragrance line as it veers into commerce, but will need to do more to make an impact.

WHAT HAPPENED: Cosmopolitan magazine launched its Eau de Juice collection made up of four perfumes, available exclusively at Ulta.


  • Cosmopolitan’s fragrance launch marks the print magazine’s most direct attempt to infuse content and commerce, especially in the beauty space. As print continues down the path toward extinction, magazines that are geared toward beauty need to position themselves to compete with e-commerce platforms like Goop and Glossier.
  • The fragrance line opens the dialogue with readers, but it’s only a preliminary step in establishing Cosmopolitan as a commerce brand. This is especially true since Ulta is exclusively selling the line, instead of Cosmopolitan marketing and owning the transaction through its own platform.
  • Cosmopolitan now needs to go beyond beauty advice to provide its audience with direct access to the products that coincide with its editorial focus. For the magazine to attract new readers, retain its current following, and diversify its business, it needs a more robust product assortment, along with its own shopping destination, that will continue turning it from a magazine into a shoppable brand.