and Blue Apron part ways—a break-up that could help the meal preparation company rebrand itself to compete in the crowded meal-kit space.

WHAT HAPPENED: After launching a partnership in 2018 that offered Jet customers discounted meal kits, Jet, the Walmart-owned ecommerce site, and Blue Apron announced they will end their contract.


  • Blue Apron’s partnership with Jet was more of a promotion than a collaboration. While Jet offered Blue Apron increased visibility, specifically online, the partnership did not create any unique products or services than could win over customers organically. On the other hand, the meal company confirmed it would continue its collab with WW (formerly Weight Watchers)—a partnership that has gained traction because of its alternative meals, geared toward weight loss, rather than simply using WW for increased exposure or relying on promotions.
  • With its Jet partnership terminated, Blue Apron now has an opportunity to use these learnings and approach collaborations in a more purposeful manner. Blue Apron confirmed that partnerships will remain a vital part of its business, especially for customer acquisition, but will need creative meal options and other curated services to amplify their impact. This is all the more important as consumers experience subscription-box fatigue and meal kit brands face increased competition from major grocery players like Amazon and Whole Foods.