Nike’s kids’ subscription box offers parents convenience but has questionable longevity.

WHAT HAPPENED: The Nike Adventure Club is a quarterly, bi-monthly or monthly subscription box geared toward kids ages 2-10. Members pay $20-$50 per month—little if any discount—and can choose from 50 Nike or Converse sneaker styles (boys’ and girls’ shoes combined).


  • The Adventure Club allows Nike to cash in on kids’ constant growth while saving parents from regular trips to the store. Nike is promoting its new service with unique perks like a sneaker recycling program, but also through now expected benefits like free shipping and customized boxes. Knowing the emotional impact of in-store shopping between parents and their kids, the company might have been better off allocating funds toward an enhanced in-store experience.
  • The frequency and cost of the Adventure Club may not foster long-term commitment, especially given the instability of a subscription model. Nike is the first of the athleticwear giants to launch a box service, giving it a leg up over its competition, but based on the status of subscription boxes like Birchbox, Blue Apron and Trunk Club whose initial novelty and element of surprise quickly wore off, subscription has skeptical staying power. While parents have the spending power, the new service forges a direct relationship with kids in order to turn them into lifelong Nike customers, but the outcome won’t be known for a while. The constant shipment of Nike shoes may also result in brand fatigue—a major obstacle to building a long-term relationship between Nike and Adventure Club subscribers in the first place.