Glossier opened fragrance-focused pop-up shops in seven Nordstrom stores, but so few locations prevent the brand from expanding its reach.

WHAT HAPPENED: Glossier opened pop-up shops in seven Nordstrom stores in Chicago, Dallas, Houston, New York City, Washington D.C., Santa Anita, California and Seattle. The temporary installations will be open from December 3 to February 16, 2020 and will only feature the brand’s fragrance Glossier You.


Glossier would be better off including more product categories beyond fragrance in its Nordstrom pop-ups. As a shop-in-shop, Glossier is in charge of everything from hiring the sales staff to managing the store design. While brand control is crucial as Glossier enters a mainstream wholesale channel for the first time, featuring additional products alongside the fragrance would enhance—not water down—its brand image by introducing more customers to its cult-classic favorites. Currently, Glossier’s Nordstrom partnership aims to encourage customers to smell its first fragrance before purchasing it, since selling perfume online remains challenging. But this leaves out shoppers who prefer to try all beauty products in-store before making a purchase.

To truly reach the masses, Glossier could have entered more than seven Nordstrom stores. While Glossier’s Nordstrom partnership expands its reach outside of New York and L.A., presence in more Nordstrom stores across the country, not just those in major cities like Chicago and Seattle (where the brand opened pop-up shops before), would increase brand awareness and diversify its customer base. Exclusivity and scarcity are vital to prevent brand dilution, but by controlling the shop-in-shops Glossier has more to gain than lose, especially since it has no plans to open dozens of retail stores.