Starface, the acne-patch brand, raised $2 million as it attempts to lead the “acne positivity” movement.

WHAT HAPPENED: Starface, a brand that sells hydrocolloid acne patches, raised $2 million in a seed round led by BBG Ventures. It will use the money to grow its team, expand into Europe and Canada and develop a new product line. Prices for packs of “hydro-stars” range from $22-$49 and look like playful stickers when applied to the skin.


  • While acne positivity is a constructive mission, the brand will need influential ambassadors to drive adoption among teenagers. Investors are looking for brands that are Instagram-friendly and have the potential to captivate younger audiences. Starface is seeking to initiate a cultural shift, which will take much more than Instagram ads and trendy packaging to pull off. While acne continues to be an issue for Americans, both young and old (60 million Americans suffer from acne as of 2018), convincing them to wear acne stickers during the day is a bold move. While the product is helpful, Starface needs to convert teens to daytime wearers for the brand to stand out. The company should focus on this before expanding into new markets, which could lead it to lose focus on finding product-market fit.