WHAT HAPPENED: Glossier discontinued Play, its color cosmetics line due to an underwhelming response from customers and criticism around the extension line’s excess packaging. Glossier Play launched in March 2019.


  • Glossier didn’t need to create an extension line to sell colorful cosmetics. While Glossier is known for its “no-makeup, makeup” aesthetic, the brand could likely sell more vibrant color options under its main brand. The Play brand extension was a new collection with different packaging that wasn’t in-line with Glossier’s classic millennial pink aesthetic. Although Play attracted a lot of initial attention, creating new packaging and marketing campaigns was an expensive and distracting initiative that offered little return. Brand loyalists who likely buy their color cosmetics elsewhere purchase Glossier products for the Glossier name and Play got in the way of that. Glossier said it would discontinue the line but extend Play’s eyeliner and lip lacquer’s shade range. Building a dedicated extension line forced the brand to commit to a full range of products when a few new product options would have sufficed and solve the same goal.