StockX is operating as normal during COVID-19 in order to capitalize on the resale of vintage items with long term value.

WHAT HAPPENED: Most of StockX’s warehouses and verification centers are open as resale prices decrease and collectors are eager to buy.

Turbulent financial times lead the most coveted and precious secondhand luxury items to be more available and accessible. Consumers feel pressure during challenging economic times to liquidate their luxury stockpiles and have more cash on hand. While fewer sneakerheads will be buying the latest drops or collaborations in the upcoming months, one-of-a-kind collector items will be available at low prices and sell fast. This is not just the case for sneakers—Sotheby’s sold more watches in the past two weeks than the past two months, breaking its record for the most expensive watch sold online. And Milan Station Holdings, a secondhand luxury bag trader in Hong Kong, acquired a collection of Hermès crocodile handbags and saw a 30% increase in the number of bags sold last month—proof that luxury resale is increasing in value globally.