Chinese brands are relying on niche influencers to drive sales via short video platforms—proof that bite-sized content is gaining traction.

WHAT HAPPENED: Young Chinese consumers flocked to short video content around self-improvement during the quarantine, which led to niche influencers covering interests from interior design to Photoshop and Excel.


The rise of short video platforms allows brands to implement deeper segmentation and niche influencers help them to reach new audiences. While niche influencers aren’t as prominent in the U.S., the rise of short-video platforms like Quibi, Instagram Live or TikTok (which has 800 million active users) presents new opportunities for brands to create more diverse content and to market themselves in an entirely new way. With traditional modes of advertising becoming more costly, creating content fit for “on-the-go” platforms could be more impactful than traditional advertising and will help brands to get in front of younger customers.