Professional baseball returns to Taiwan—proof that live streaming events is better than no events at all.

WHAT HAPPENED: Professional baseball season in Taiwan has returned with a few tweaks: fake cardboard fans as spectators and fewer cheerleaders. Meanwhile, Major League Baseball is planning for a season without fans this year in North America.


Taiwan’s professional baseball league shows the benefits of safely reopening professional sports and live entertainment, even if live audiences can’t attend. According to Reuters, fewer than half of Americans plan to go to sporting events, concerts, movies and amusement parks when they reopen until there is a proven coronavirus vaccine. While Taiwan’s coronavirus spread has been more contained than in the U.S., its measured approach toward reintroducing baseball can set a positive example for the North American sports and entertainment industries. American companies need to focus on translating live events online and determine what events with no fans will look like. Taiwanese fans have been grateful for the entertainment and players are happy to be working, which proves that reinstating entertainment like professional sports, plays, or concerts without physically gathering in a venue is better than nothing.