Macy’s released a reopening plan for its 775 stores, but it won’t change the department store’s outdated business model

WHAT HAPPENED: Macy’s will reopen all of its 775 stores over the next six to eight weeks.


Macy’s is putting new safety measures at the forefront of its reopening strategy, but avoiding the company’s underlying problems won’t be enough to get shoppers back. In its new plan, Macy’s outlines all of the appropriate health measures, from signage and arrows on the floor, to hand sanitizing stations and employees wearing masks. COVID-19 presents Macy’s, which has long suffered from decreasing traffic, an opportunity to reinvent itself. With many shoppers increasingly accustomed to the ease of online shopping, Macy’s has an opportunity to update its in-store experience to enhance convenience. But it can only do this by taking time to reopen stores versus rushing to get open again. The post-crisis shopper will have a new set of expectations and Macy’s should use this time to adapt its business model not just its store environment.