The shift to content-driven texting has the potential to build community, but risks overwhelming consumers with too many messages.

WHAT HAPPENED: Swimwear brand Summersalt launched a texting program to provide its audience with uplifting content during the quarantine, including memes and at-home activity suggestions. The brand started texting customers product offers last year but launched a content-specific texting experience in March.


Content-driven messaging is a viable communication strategy that maintains connections with audiences during quarantine and is more impactful than promotions. With stores closed and consumers facing financial uncertainty, brand outreach is at an all-time high, but only the companies taking the most authentic approaches will stand out. Customers opt into Summersalt’s texting program by activating a special code to receive curated content, which creates a sense of community and ensures all messages are solicited. Text messages with entertainment and self-improvement content are an opportunity right now, but as more brands follow suit customers could become inundated, which was exactly the problem with emails in the first place.