With their traditional marketing strategy in question, alcohol brands are turning to delivery platforms and digital ads, which promises long-term growth.

WHAT HAPPENED: With bars and restaurants closed, alcohol brands are using delivery platforms like ReserveBar and Saucey to market their products.


Alcohol companies can no longer rely on national ad campaigns or physical spaces like restaurants, bars and event venues to promote their products. With each state reopening on different dates and following varying safety measures, alcohol brands need to remain flexible around where and how they advertise. Partnering with delivery companies like Drizly or ReserveBar enables alcohol brands to target the right audiences and to nimbly change ad content as needed. Delivery platforms can also provide alcohol brands with more user data, which will lead to better segmentation and the creation of better products. COVID-19 has pushed alcohol brands to market themselves online, but brands will need to continue to invest in these platforms as the future of live-events and public gatherings remains uncertain.