Baked goods, a new sales driver for Etsy, combine the best aspects of the marketplace but could benefit from more intentional marketing.

WHAT HAPPENED: A group of Etsy sellers interviewed by the Wall Street Journal stated that they have seen a 200-450% sales increase in baked goods over the past three months.


The pandemic has amplified Etsy’s traffic and demand, but despite the rise in baked goods sales, the platform isn’t marketing its unexpected breakout category. Since many states passed a series of “cottage food laws” in 2013 enabling home bakers to sell food online, Etsy sellers have peddled their home-baked creations, from challah bread to keto-friendly waffles. However, as breadmaking and food delivery are seeing record demand, Etsy seems to be ignoring the presence of this entire market—without any food items listed on its homepage or navigation bar. In recent years, Etsy turned its attention to profitability over things like social responsibility, but highlighting its ability to both sell food (an essential item) and connect on a human level (something most customers are craving) will help serve its customers, its sellers, and its bottom line.