Kanye West signed a ten-year deal with Gap, a collaboration that likely won’t resonate with streetwear fans or revive the struggling retailer

WHAT HAPPENED: Kanye West and Gap will launch Yeezy Gap, an apparel collection that will be available online and in stores in early 2021.


Despite Kanye’s notoriety, this collaboration won’t help Gap gain relevance or sell streetwear. In addition to Gap’s dwindling cultural importance and its ubiquitous mall locations, digitally-native community platforms like Highsnobiety and Hypebeast make it especially tricky for Gap to compete in the streetwear collaboration category. In contrast to these platforms, Gap’s website and stores will dilute the value of the Yeezy Gap collab, and without the limited distribution and small quantities typical of streetwear drops, it will fail to attract collectors. Gap’s consistent struggles paired with West’s questionable status as a fashion designer—the signature Yeezy sneaker doesn’t sell out like it used to—won’t revive Gap as a viable apparel brand.