Snapchat provides beauty brands with a proxy for in-store experiences, a tool that could help brands in other sectors expand their virtual offerings

WHAT HAPPENED: Beauty and skincare brands are taking advantage of Snapchat’s Lens AR and Snap Camera features to acquire Gen Z customers through virtual sampling.


In April, Snapchat’s daily active users increased 20% over the previous year. While in-store visits remain unavailable, beauty brands including L’Oreal, Maybelline, Aussie and Sephora are all using branded Lenses to introduce younger customers to their affordable beauty products by encouraging them to “play” with new looks. While this move will likely result in new customers, Snapchat’s AR technology is no longer just for the face. In June, Gucci announced it will use Snapchat to allow customers to virtually “try-on” its shoes. There could be other opportunities like this in the future for brands across a wider array of sectors. Snapchat recently announced that it will allow developers to build their own AI filters for the first time, as well as launched a scanning feature that identifies dog breeds and plant species.