The Retail Is Alive Track

The retail landscape is changing at a brisk pace, with thousands of stores closing and hundreds of new ones opening every year. This void has created immense opportunity for the brands, retailers and real estate developers charting their path forward. This track will arm you with the strategic and tactical depth required to understand where retail real estate, staffing and training, flagship stores, localized marketing and design are headed and how to take advantage of it all.

Featured Speakers

Ariane Goldman — HATCH. Sara McElroy — Silver Shoe Designs. Allison Hyers — Formerly West Elm. Rob Petrozzo — Rally Road. Andrew Deitchman — New Stand. Dave Cho — Soko Glam & Then I Met You. Camilla Marcus — west~bourne. Ben Kaufman — CAMP. Stef Foster — Stef Foster Designs. Jeff Carvalho — Highsnobiety.

The Conversations

Special Session: Real Estate Recess

For the digitally-native brands rapidly expanding into physical retail, working with landlords who control the best properties and have a deep understanding of the benefits of fast-growing brands in their spaces is essential. But finding the right decision-makers and forging these relationships takes time and requires an immense amount of patience. Knowing founders and executives are at their best and move fastest when talking with each other, Real Estate Recess puts the leaders of fast-growing brands in a one-on-one conversation with the leaders of major landlords, enabling both parties to cut out the noise and get down to business. Loose Threads will curate three ten-minute meetings for each participant during the session based off of a wishlist you will provide prior to the conference. 

How To Make The Most Out Of Creative Real Estate Deals

While some younger brands say they would never sign a real estate deal that lasts more years than their company has existed, there are numerous benefits to longer-term deals no matter a company’s age. This is especially true when it comes to building flagship stores. We discuss the opportunities and pitfalls of long-term deals, how you can structure them to mitigate risk and how to scale retail real estate as successfully as possible, starting from day one.

How Long-Term Leases Are Enabling Short-Term Experiences

While some people believe that short-term pop-ups are the future of retail, a new crop of companies are using short-term installations within their larger, more permanent spaces, allowing them to offer more dynamic experiences while building their brand in a consistent location. We discuss how you can make the most of your space and time to keep customers coming back.

How Brands Are Putting Their Employees, Not Their Customers, First 

While plenty of money can be spent on design, technology and product, retail is first and foremost about people and the experience they provide. The gig economy has fragmented the workforce and low unemployment is making hiring increasingly hard, but some companies are building themselves to attract the best people that can provide the best experiences, breaking the common mold of the retail workforce no matter the economic headwinds. We talk with the leaders defining these new models about how you can pioneer your own recruiting and training environment that thrives on human capital.

How Brands Are Pushing The Envelope Of Store Design

Today it’s a given that retail stores need to be experiential—otherwise customers would order from the comfort of their sofas. But stores need to use space to solve specific problems and meet clear goals in order to stand out and make the experience worthwhile. We talk with leading designers about how intentional spatial design can take your store the extra mile, no matter your budget or requirements.

Why Brands Need To Master Retail Marketing And How Retail Is Marketing

Retail has always been a sales and a marketing tool, but today these dueling roles have taken on greater importance as consumer attention becomes more fickle and rising acquisition costs online continue to swell. More than ever, brands must market their stores in better and more diverse ways than in the past. We talk with leaders who are making retail a pillar of their marketing strategy—not an afterthought—and how you can do the same, leveraging the benefits of interacting with customers online and offline

Why Retailers Are Becoming Brands And Brands Are Becoming Retailers

Retailers are becoming brands and more brands are becoming retailers as they aim to differentiate in a world of endless supply and extreme competition for consumers. But as the old model of a third-party retailer fades away, multi-brand stores both online and offline need to look and feel much different than they used to. We talk with the founders building multi-brand ecosystems to uncover how you can leverage new selling arrangements and partnerships to stand out and continue driving sales.