The Scale Series

What does scale mean in the fashion industry today? Globalization has radically reshaped the possibilities for brands to reach more people than ever before. But scaling globally requires meticulously managing a brand to ensure it does not default on its promise. Just because a brand can scale doesn't mean it should. 

The Scale Series explores how brands have scaled successfully and unsuccessfully in the fashion industry. Part I dives into the funding climate that got us to a place with an abundance of capital looking for outsized returns. Part II looks at brands that unsuccessfully scaled and ruined the brand along the way. Part III explores brands that have successfully scaled while keeping their brand intact. Part IV proposes a new framework for scaling a fashion brand globally without cratering the brand in the process. And Part V offers some closing thoughts on the power of small businesses and small-scale entrepreneurship. 

This series took four months to put together and clocks in at over 11,000 words between the five parts. I hope you enjoy!


The Scale Series — Part I: How and why brands overscale

The Scale Series — Part II: Brands that overscaled

The Scale Series — Part III: Brands that have endured

The Scale Series — Part IV: Localized Luxury

The Scale Series — Part V: Bigger isn’t always better