As competition for consumer attention increases, brands need ways to stay above the noise. Social media has become a mainstream marketing channel, displacing advertising dollars that once fed into traditional media channels. As a result, traditional licensing and spokesmanship—a brand marketing tactic heavily used in the past—is decreasing in prominence. The advent and ubiquity of social media has also triggered more celebrities to pushing their own brands forward, serving as the primary conduit and beneficiaries of the brand.

This Special Report looks at the phenomenon of celebrity brands, highlighting insights about both the successes and the flops. It also includes two Playbooks, How to build a celebrity brand and How to work with celebrities and their brands.

Featuring case studies on: Beats by Dre, Casamigos, Diddy and Cîroc, Estée Lauder and Kendall Jenner, Fenty Beauty, Gigi Hadid and Tommy Hilfiger, The Honest Company, The Jessica Simpson Collection, Kat Von D Beauty, KKW Beauty, Kylie Cosmetics, Pop & Suki and Selena Gomez and Coach.

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