The Rapidly-Evolving Strategy Track

As the fundamental pillars of business, from channel strategy to technology reshape everything in front of and behind the scenes, leaders need to understand where to position themselves for the coming years—not the coming months. This track will give you the tools to assess your product strategy, approach to sustainability, underlying business model, customer acquisition plan and capital requirements. You’ll walk away with a new toolkit that you can deploy for any challenge on the horizon.

Featured Speakers

Jacquelyn De Jesu — Shhhowercap. Nate Checketts — Rhone. Abe Burmeister — Outlier. Holly Thaggard — Supergoop. Dan Widmaier — Bolt Threads. Sarah Ball — WSJ. Magazine. Nicole Bassett — The Renewal Workshop. Bryan Mahoney — Arfa. Alexandra Fine — Dame Products. Michael Pollak — Heyday. Jesse Derris — Derris. Michelle Cordeiro Grant — Lively. Alex Nemeroff — Dynamo. Ryan Babenzien — GREATS.

The Conversations

How To Navigate Breadth Versus Depth In Your Product Assortment

Many brands set out to create and gain notoriety for the perfect product, while others quickly expand their assortment either opportunistically or to hit their growth numbers. We discuss building brands with hyper-focused product assortments and when it’s time to branch out, giving you a better understanding of when less is more and more is more.

How To Balance Product- And Marketing-Driven Growth

At a certain point, product-driven brands have to expand their mindset for growth and lean into marketing. But balancing product innovation and marketing with limited resources is not an easy task. We discuss the tradeoffs of driving growth through products versus marketing and why and how both disciplines can work together.

How to Drive Sustainability From The Top, Bottom—Or Both

While consumers expect the brands they frequent to strive for environmental sustainability, creating new products—and more waste—is still a reality of the consumer product industry. But today, companies are innovating new materials to create sustainable products, while recycling and repairs are refreshing once landfill-destined products for new users. We discuss the diverging approaches to sustainability and how you can embed sustainability into multiple parts of your business model.

Why Brands Are Bundling and Unbundling Traditional Business Models

Former Netscape CEO James Barksdale once said that there are only two ways to make money: bundling something that used to be fragmented or unbundling something that used to be packaged together. We discuss how you can establish new business models for products and services that once existed as part of a larger whole—and vice versa.

How To Maximize Fundraising And Exit Optionality

With an abundance of capital and seemingly endless opportunity for market share, many consumer brands have swung for the fences, raising frequently and growing fast. But taking this path comes at a cost, often risking a company’s optionality. We discuss bootstrapping, raising capital and exiting and how to best navigate the uncertain waters ahead.

How To Master The Changing Role Of The Press

Once the main gatekeeper to a brand’s visibility, changes in the consumer landscape have relegated the press to one of many channels on which a brand can build an audience. But the press is still crucial for brand growth and legitimacy. We talk with the editors and PR leaders navigating this fast-changing industry about how you can best drive results while working with the publications that align with your brand and its audience.

How To Build A Tech Stack Worth Bragging About

If you ask a brand about its tech stack, the first thing you usually hear are complaints about vendors. But it doesn’t have to be this way. By combining off-the-shelf technology along with custom-built applications for your brand, you can ensure you have the tools and the data you need to better understand your customers and where your business is headed. We discuss the tradeoffs of off-the-shelf versus custom building, how to allocate budget and invest in the right tools, and how tech fits into the larger customer experience.