A data-driven blueprint for building a fashion brand

The fashion world has always had a love affair for people who stick to their gut. "I just knew this would be a big seller." "I woke up one day and it popped into my head, and then we had the new It Bag." The problem is for every time someone says…

Getting started: services, websites, apps

A fashion brand today, especially one that sells online, uses a number of different services and websites to operate the company day to day. Here's a list of suggested services, websites and apps that I'll update as new services come into the fold:

Read a lot

Next to actually doing things, reading is the best way to learn about anything new. I probably spend a few hours every day reading about what's going on in the fashion, tech, and business world. It's awesome knowledge to have and people will notice.…

The Basics: Getting Started

There are a number of things you need to start making and selling clothing in the US. You should do these things as soon as you're serious about launching a company. I’m going to list them out below and since there are plenty of resources on…

Key Terms

Here's a simple list of terms I'll be referring to in posts that are worth knowing. I'll update this list as new terms come up in posts.