Emulating Facebook’s News Feed will fix fashion’s inventory problems

Fashion's retail cycle is dominated by endless sales and markdowns, which is highly problematic for brands and retailers. This is the ultimate race to the bottom: sales start earlier in the season, prices drop lower than before, all with the hopes…

Getting started: services, websites, apps

A fashion brand today, especially one that sells online, uses a number of different services and websites to operate the company day to day. Here's a list of suggested services, websites and apps that I'll update as new services come into the fold:

The Basics: Getting Started

There are a number of things you need to start making and selling clothing in the US. You should do these things as soon as you're serious about launching a company. I’m going to list them out below and since there are plenty of resources on…

Key Terms

Here's a simple list of terms I'll be referring to in posts that are worth knowing. I'll update this list as new terms come up in posts.