Here’s a simple list of terms I’ll be referring to in posts that are worth knowing. I’ll update this list as new terms come up in posts. 

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC): The cost to acquire one customer who completed a purchase.

Cutter: Someone who cuts the fabric. Some facilities do this in house (usually always for sampling), while some will ask you to use a cutting room for production (a cutting room only cuts fabric).

Cutters must: A schematic that details each piece in the pattern, how many exists (ie a sleeve is cut twice for the left and the right), and any other info about the pattern. You should always have a cutters must with a pattern; they go hand in hand.

Grading: taking a pattern that’s one size (say a medium) and scaling it to a small, large and x large

Marking: Taking the graded sizes and plotting them to use the least amount of fabric. A marker is like a bigger pattern with all of the sizes and pieces on it.

Pattern-maker: someone who makes a pattern

Pattern: A map or cookie cutter of the pieces that make up the garment

Plotting: taking the pattern pieces and putting them on a single plane for a cutter. This is done with fabric usage in mind on a marker, but not usually during sampling.

Production: mass producing the garment

Sampling: the prototyping stage, taking an idea and turning it into a garment and pattern

Usable width: the width of fabric that is usable. True width minus the selvedge.

Yields: The amount of fabric a given garment will take, calculated by taking the usable width and placing a full garment in that area.