Long-form series about the inter-workings of the consumer, retail and commerce industries.

As the fundamentals of the new consumer economy continue shifting, some issues are so complex that they require more space and time to explore. Our Longform Series consist of multiple articles that are thematically similar, allowing us to fully present these challenges and opportunities. Since these series take months to create, only a few come out each year and we hope you make some time for them.

Building Bulletproof Brands

This three part series explores how the internet destroyed traditional moats for physical goods brands while also creating new ones that are stronger than ever before. The series uses Supreme, Glossier and Peloton as examples of these new opportunities in action.

The Scale Series

This five part series explores how brands scale—successfully and unsuccessfully—in the fashion industry. The series showcases how Michael Kors, Totokaelo and Kit & Ace have overscaled, while Supreme, Rick Owens, A.P.C. and Comme des Garçons have thrived.

Decoding Amazon’s Fashion Ambitions

Getting consumers to buy luxury products on Amazon.com is just one small piece of a much wider strategy to disrupt the fashion industry like never before. This article originally appears in the Business of Fashion.