A collection of ongoing themes we’re investigating across all of our research. 

With the rising costs of digital marketing, traditional offline marketing methods are back in vogue with the help of new technology such as digital billboards and programmatic direct mail.

Legacy brands are sprinting to remake themselves for a new era, but various cultural gaps are hindering their success.

Fundraising and holding companies

Billions of dollars of capital have flowed into digitally-native and direct-to-consumer brands, but only a fraction has been returned to investors.

More companies are pivoting to become modern-day holding companies, but executing this vision remains a challenge.

Brands are trying to form communities to foster growth, but doing this at scale remains channeling.

Brands are becoming retailers and retailers are becoming brands as they aim to monetize their audiences and earn higher margins on their products.

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Though Amazon continues to dominate ecommerce and logistics, brands are slowly warming up to the platform after years of resistance.