The latest news about Loose Threads.

Introducing Loose Threads Office Hours

Today, we’re excited to launch Loose Threads Office Hours, which gives emerging entrepreneurs access to the Loose Threads team for quick but impactful advice.

Evolving Loose Threads Espresso

We're evolving Loose Threads Espresso.

Introducing Insight Collections, a new way to read Actionable Reports

We’re experimenting with a new way to package our research that we call Insight Collections.

Introducing Loose Threads Advisors for Fundraising, your Capital Coach.

Today we’re excited to announce Loose Threads Advisors for Fundraising, which provides emerging companies in the consumer economy strategic guidance for their fundraising process.

Introducing Loose Threads Playbooks, the next iteration of our Actionable Reports

Today we’re excited to release the next iteration of our Actionable Reports, which feature two major updates based off of your feedback:
We’re introducing Playbooks for each report, which feature specific Actions and Questions for brands/retailers, investors and real estate professionals. The goal is to make the reports even more useful for you and your business.

Introducing Loose Threads Advisors, your long-term strategic sounding board

Today we’re excited to launch Loose Threads Advisors, a long-term strategic sounding board for companies across the consumer economy. We work with brands, retailers and real estate developers on everything from their core business models to their sales, marketing and operations. We’re here to help you build something that lasts, which we do by providing domain knowledge, connections, competitive analysis, professional education and research.

Introducing Loose Threads Espresso: Your energizing and high-pressure filter for industry news—in context. $90 a year.

Your energizing and high-pressure filter for industry news—in context. $90 a year.

Loose Threads Membership and 2018

Dear Loose Threads Members, Happy New Year. Thank you for your support as we continue to grow. Today we’re rolling out a number of improvements based on your feedback that we hope will make your membership even more valuable.  

Welcome to the new LooseThreads.com

Today we’re thrilled to launch the new LooseThreads.com, which brings everything we’re working on under a single roof. Here’s a rundown of the changes: The biggest change is that Loose Threads Intel is now simply called Loose Threads Membership. This is a change in name only, which brings some important simplicity to our brand architecture both internally and externally. All of the old Loose Threads posts are now in a new section called The Archive, with subcategories for our Longform Series. This is also where the Resources are, which include some of our data projects and the original guide of how to start a fashion brand. Ripcord (our newsletter) and The Podcast are now front and center with unique designs as we continue to deepen the offering.