Dear Loose Threads Members,

Happy New Year. Thank you for your support as we continue to grow.

Today we’re rolling out a number of improvements based on your feedback that we hope will make your membership even more valuable.

An entirely new report structure

Our Actionable Report this week, which you will find below, comes in a completely new format that prioritizes impact, clarity and action.

  • The body of the report is now designed around what we call Core Insights, which outline fundamental changes with in-depth analysis and case studies.

  • The Executive Summary gives you an overview of the entire report, including the Core Insights, important case studies and why we chose to write the report in the first place.

  • There are now Actionable Opportunities and Questions at the end of each section, which makes the Core Insights actionable for you and your business.

Report Frequency and Research Calendar

  • We’re introducing a Research Calendar that will preview upcoming topics and create a new way for you to send us your ideas for future topics, as we want to tap into the Membership’s knowledge to help us decide where to focus next.

  • Based on your feedback, we will be slowing down the frequency of the Actionable Reports to two times per month and the Conference Calls to once a month. We want to make sure that every report is equally important and impactful, and this extra time will give us—and you—the opportunity to do that.

Loose Threads Espresso

We’re also launching a new service called Loose Threads Espresso, your energizing and high-pressure filter for industry news—in context, which is free for all Loose Threads Members. There is more news to read and make sense of than anyone can handle these days. Loose Threads Espresso saves you time and makes you more informed.

Every Wednesday, you will receive a newsletter with:

  • The Filter: One piece of no-nonsense analysis that examines an important development in the consumer ecosystem, which you can read in 5 minutes or less.

  • The Grind: Quick, to-the-point analysis of five important news stories from the week, contextualized through two lenses: 1) Why is it interesting? and 2) Why does it matter?

Going Forward

Thanks again to all of our Members who have provided feedback so far (and for those that have not, our lines are always open and we value your input!). We have a lot more coming but today is an important step to push our offering forward.

We have also updated our Terms of Service to reflect the addition of Loose Threads Espresso.

Richie Siegel
Founder/Head Analyst
Loose Threads