Today we’re launching new membership experiences built on our member’s feedback and needs.

Our Insights or Community memberships empower leaders with the unparalleled insights, connections and data required to build enduring consumer brands.

INSIGHTS MEMBERSHIP provides access to all of our research and a customized Insights dashboard, which includes:

  • Threads: Dynamically track the most important themes across the consumer economy
  • Knowledge Bases: Unpack the trajectory of fast-growing brands
  • The Megaphone report: Details email and social media practices across 50+ consumer brands

COMMUNITY MEMBERSHIP includes everything above plus:

  • Founder Therapy: Quarterly workshops to connect and problem solve with peers, all off-the-record
  • Loose Threads Live: Bi-annual immersive events for deep connection and transformational insights, all off-the-record
  • SOS Hotline: Text us a business question or challenge and we’ll help solve it or connect you to someone who can

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As we continue to grow, we will always challenge our members to think differently and act intentionally. Join us in unpacking the complex system that is the consumer economy.

Feel free to reach out with further feedback so we can continue improving the membership experience.

— Richie Siegel
Founder and CEO